Environmental/Other Services

Burning in City Limits

Burning, in the city limits, is only allowed for recreational purposes. This does not require a burning permit; however, fire must be in an approved, non-combustible burner. Please refer to “Fire Pit Regulations” below for further details:

Fire Pit Regulations

  • At least 25′ away from any combustible structure
  • Fire must be in a fire pit, fire ring, or approved non-combustible burner
  • Recreational purposes only (no burning garbage)
  • Adult present at all times
  • Garden hose or fire extinguisher nearby

The Fire Chief is authorized to require that recreational fires be immediately discontinued, if such fires are determined by the Fire Chief to constitute a hazardous condition.

Compost/City Dump

Composted materials (such as leaves or garden waste) can be taken to the City Compost Site, which is located on County Road 30 East of town.

See below for the Compost Site Rules and Site Location:
Compost Site Location Map
Compost Site Rules

  • Place material in appropriate areas.
  • Burning by authorize personnel only. Burning by unauthorized persons are subject to a misdemeanor and/or fines
  • Anyone witnessing misuse of this site is encouraged to get a license plate number and call the police department at (507) 637-4036.


Always Open

Garbage Services

The City of Vesta has granted Southwest Sanitation a franchise to collect and haul mixed municipal solid waste generated by Residential  units located within the incorporated areas of the City. If you have any questions or would like more information about any of their services, please call them at (507) 532-4500 or visit their website at Southwest Sanitation.


The City of Vesta values our natural resources. We encourage residents and businesses to participate in recycling programs that are available to you. Recycling prevents useful material resources from being wasted, reduces the consumption of raw materials, and reduces energy usage. Let’s work together to make our world a better place to live!

Click Here For Electronic and Appliance Recycling

Questions on Recycling should be directed to the Redwood County Environmental Office at (507) 637-4023 or visit their website at: https://www.renvillecountymn.com/services/RRMRF/index.php

Phone: 507-637-1800

The City of Vesta is a Participating City in the National Flood Insurance Program as of January 21, 2020.

For More Information About Flood Insurance Click Here