Discretionary Public Hearing

August 10, 2021 Discretionary Hearing for the Purchase of the School Building


The Meeting will be begin promptly at 6pm and will end at 7pm.

Each person present will be given 2 minutes to address the Council.

In order to address the Council you must step up to the podium, you will be given two minutes to ask questions, or state your opinion.

After the 2 minutes are up, The Clerk will announce time, the next person will then approach the Podium.

At no time during this hearing will anyone in the audience be allowed to have a dialogue with the person at the podium or with the Council.

Please be respectful of other people’s time.


In the event that there is nobody else wishing to speak, you may have another chance to speak by stepping up to the podium.


We strongly urge everyone to return the surveys that have been sent in the mail so we may be able to see questions and comments prior to the meeting to help answer questions during the Council Presentation.

Click Here For Details and Information Regarding The Purposed Purchase: